Let’s say this clearly. Evie is different.

She has a creative soul which she brings, with great passion, to the various challenges she sets herself.

And challenges they are. At the age of 12 she suffered a debilitating car accident the effects of which she has coped with throughout her life with courage and resilience.

Before becoming a writer and artist Evie entered the world of fashion, eventually applying her skills as a stylist, and all that she had learned, to the creation of her own image as a musician.

Evie released her first album, ‘Evie’ on April 2013.

Taken from the album, the mesmeric track Habibi, which featured Marc Vedo, reached #10 in the Upfront Club Chart.

Evie’s new album, entitled ‘Dreams Never End’ will be released in early 2015 and already there are stand out tracks which are scheduled for release as singles.

The first of these is ‘Damn Amazing’ due out in late 2014. The video is shot in Los Angeles and stars Michael King (CSI). It is directed by Pema Dhondup. (‘Arise’ and ‘We’re No Monks’, the latter shot on location at the headquarters of the Dalai Lama). Evie has assembled the production team herself and they have all waived their fees, simply because they admire the artist and love her work.

‘Dreams Never End’ represents her second collaboration with producer Tony White.

Among other exciting tracks on the album is ‘Ray Bans’, a catchy as hell dance anthem remixed by Pete Hoffman whose credits include Depeche Mode, Kylie and Britney Spears. The video has already generated one million youtube views.

In September Evie will be doing a sky dive in aid of the charity White Lodge Centre which supports disabled children and adults.